—  Made to measure  —

American Tailors is committed to the heritage of fine craftsmanship and exceptional quality.


Our Service:

Every body is unique, and exacting clients understand the benefits of a beautifully balanced and perfectly fitting garment. Trousers should be the perfect length - and often, through posture or nature, legs are not exactly the same length. One arm might be a centimetre longer, or one shoulder sits higher than the other. Hours at the gym might mean a shoulder needs more room, or there may be the need to take in, or out a garment through the passage of time (and long lunches).

We have master tailors on hand, to ensure your garments fit beautifully and present you at your best. And of course, we are able to provide a completely bespoke garment, in your choice of fabric, hand made to exceptional standard either upstairs by our own tailors, or made to measure by our suppliers in Italy, from the fabric of your choice by the most reputable artisans in Italy and hand-finished by our tailors in house.

There is nothing more comfortable, flattering or beautiful to wear than a custom made garment.